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  Freshers Fair  

      Meet the UDL: Coffee Morning  

Our first in-person social of the year was held at Mrs Potts, a famous hot chocolate store in the city centre of Bristol. This casual event targeted first years and new members, creating a safe and friendly environment for the attendees to move around and socialise. The event was well received as our members were able to mingle with one another and had opened up new doors to long-lasting friendships! 

  Festive 'Hot Chocolate' Social  

Just in time to get warm and cozy for Christmas and to foster a stronger relationship among our society members, we invited all members to join us for a cup of free hot chocolate just by the harbour! 

  'How To' Events  

Throughout the first semester we have organised a series of ‘how to’ events. This series is catered to all students, providing them with information and equipping them with transferable skills which can be helpful towards their studies and career pathway. 


These events are also to assist first year students in familiarising themselves with legal studies and the legal profession through opportunities provided by firms and other organisations. There are also events that aimed at penultimate and final year students which involves the ‘How Tos’ for networking and interviews, which are crucial in terms of preparing them for vacation schemes and securing training contracts. 


Our ‘How To’ series has recorded a great success. Many members have gained valuable insights through these events, which provided them with the opportunity to grow and shape themselves into excellent candidates for the legal industry. 

  My Diversity is My Strength Panel  

  Application Workshops with Sponsor Firms  

Clifford Chance

The firm was represented by Kristi Tucker, a Bristol law graduate and trainee at the firm. Kristi explained the format of the CC application form, which consists of a 600-word personal statement. She advised us to use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Response) method when writing this. Kristi also recommended that we attend open days in order to provide an adequate answer when asked ‘Why Clifford Chance’ at interview. 

Clyde & Co

The firm’s early career advisor took us through the application cycle. They led a very informative presentation which, among other things, advised us to: I) explain why you would make a good lawyer, based on examples from work experience and II) write about varied experiences. And, at interview stage, to I) express opinions and II) acknowledge both sides of an argument. Following this, we chatted to Francis Ashworth, a Bristol politics graduate and current Clyde & Co employee, who cautioned us to research firms properly.

Eversheds Sutherland

The workshop explained the nature of the firm, emphasising on its specialisation in real estate and pro-bono elements within the firm. The workshop also described the unique recruiting strategy that Eversheds uses – ‘strength-based’, rather than aptitude tests (which means that you are assessed on your answers to ‘give an example when’ type questions).



The Marfarlanes workshop provided an enjoyable platform for participants to raise their concerns towards the application of training contracts. Helin Gure, the representative from the firm provided a sophisticated framework of the firm and share some advice for the firm's application process. 

  Interactive Commercial Awareness Workshop  

We collaborated with SEO London on a workshop which focused on commercial awareness. Members were given articles to study prior to the workshop to facilitate  discussion during the session. A formal interview format was adopted throughout the workshop. We have received great feedback from the hosts and attendees, especially with respect to the intimate nature of the event which ensured active participation.  We are looking forward to work with SEO London again on similar events in the near future! 

  Non-Commercial Law Week  

The idea behind this series of events is aimed at students who are still figuring out their career paths while pursuing their law degrees. Students were given the opportunity to explore various areas of the legal field, including Academia, Public Law, and Human Rights. 

In-person and virtual events were held throughout our Non-commercial Law Week, with valuable insights and information being delivered by experts across a wide range of fields. 

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