Our Events: 2021/22

Freshers Fair

 Meet the UDL: Coffee Morning

The first social targeted at first years and new members was held at Mrs Potts. The event was mostly casual with the attendees having free reign with who they wish to talk to and sit with. This event was more casual and allowed for new members to meet and chat, allowing the mostly first year new members to make new friends in a setting not possible during a zoom meeting. The event was well received with some making friends or talking with the committee members before leaving at the end.

Festive 'Hot Chocolate' Social

How To Events

Throughout the first semester we have organised a series of ‘how to’ events. This series is not solely aimed to a specific group but in fact multidimensional. Hopefully student in different years and background could find some skills and information conducive to their studies and career pathway. For first year, we hope they could be familiarised with opportunities provided by firms and ways to adapt to legal study. For second and final year, we hope they would be ready to engage the legal industry and build up the requisite skills beforehand, i.e. skills to social, interview and present.

In fact, this series has recorded a great success. Given that UDL constructed a relaxing and informative platform, participants are enthusiastic to raise questions amid the event. Along with the constructive answers and feedback, it really facilitates me and students to get a better understanding of firms and shape themselves as a better candidate and lawyer in the future.

My Diversity is My Strength Panel

Application Workshops with Sponsor Firms

Clifford Chance

The firm was represented by Kristi Tucker, a Bristol law graduate and CC trainee. Kristi explained to us the format of the CC application form, which consists of a 600-word personal statement. She advised us to use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Response) method when writing this. Kristi also recommended that we attend open days in order to provide an adequate answer when asked ‘Why Clifford Chance’ at interview. The workshop was very informative and many of the attendees have since applied to CC.

Clyde & Co

The firm’s early career advisor took us through the application cycle. They led a very informative presentation which, among other things, advised us to: I) explain why you would make a good lawyer, based on examples from work experience and II) write about varied experiences. And, at interview stage, to I) express opinions and II) acknowledge both sides of an argument. Following this, we chatted to Francis Ashworth, a Bristol politics graduate and current Clyde & Co employee, who cautioned us to research firms properly – ‘try to spend at least 10 hours on each application’ he said. The workshop has prompted me to attend to Clyde & Co open day, and I have since completed their video interview.

Eversheds Sutherland

The workshop explained the nature of the firm. Two things in particular caught my attention. Firstly, that Eversheds specialises in Real Estate. As the son of an estate agent, I have grown up walking around sites, so this felt familiar to me. Secondly, the strong pro bono elements of the firm, such as involvement in End Youth Homelessness and Water Aid. The workshop also described the unique recruiting strategy that Eversheds uses – ‘strength-based’, rather than aptitude tests (which means that you are assessed on your answers to ‘give an example when’ type questions). I have since attended an open day and submitted my application, which consisted of three 500-word questions.



The Marfarlanes workshop provides an enjoyable platform for participants to raise their concerns towards application of training contract. The sharing, especially by Helin Gure provides a sophisticated framework of the firm and remarks for application. It is happy to see how her sharing would be conducive to our career path and understanding of Macfarlanes

Interactive Commercial Awareness Workshop

The first interactive online session for members was hosted by SEO London on commercial awareness. It was an event where the members were recommended to turn on their cameras and participate, with a pamphlet full of information given prior to facilitate discussion. Several associates from SEO were present and created questions and gave feedback on answers, testing each member's reading skills, contextual knowledge and speaking skills in a formal interview format. There was much positive feedback of how helpful the members found the session as it provided an opportunity that was rare and intimate to allow members who have prepared and even those with no contextual knowledge beyond the pamphlet. This was also evident with the progression of member's answers and discussions as the initial awkwardness of an online meeting was replaced by active participation among the members. The environment created by SEO London was warm and friendly and conducive for discussion within the limits of the online format. It is highly likely that in the event that another is held, the participants would return and any new entrant would have much to contribute as well.