Why join us?

By joining our society, you are actively showing your support for our efforts to help students from diverse backgrounds receive equal opportunities. You are also helping us spread the message that diversity has many shapes and forms; it is not limited to race and gender, but it also includes culture, economic/social background and life experiences. One should remember that increasing diversity in the legal profession does not only benefit those directly affected but everyone!

Furthermore, by joining our society, it will hopefully feel like you are joining a small family in which you will be supported and given the opportunity to try new things and develop valuable skills in a safe space.

Who can join us?

Anyone who is currently studying in the University of Bristol can join our society! You do not have to be a law student. We take pride in the fact that we cultivate a friendly, casual environment for beginners, thus catering for individuals who have never participated in negotiations/debates in the past.

What is included in our membership fee?

Our membership includes the following:

1. First-hand information regarding legal opportunities and schemes available by large law firms.

2. Exclusive opportunities for one-to-one feedback from law firms regarding your applications.

3. Panel event participation.

4. Workshop participation.

5. Competition participation.
6. Access to our social events!