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 Why join us? 


By joining our society, you are actively supporting our efforts in helping students from diverse backgrounds receive equal opportunities, in preparation for their future career in the legal profession. It is important to emphasise that diversity comes in many shapes and forms which is not only limited to race and gender. Diversity also includes strands such as: culture, religion, social mobility, and disability. 

By joining our society, you will be able to build long-lasting friendships and to rely on a support system that can guide you through your journey in university. 



 Who can join us? 

Anyone who is currently studying in the University of Bristol can join our society! You do not have to be a law student. We take pride in the fact that we are constantly cultivating a friendly and casual environment, and catering for individuals who have no prior experience in any career-focused events, ensuring that they feel safe and comfortable in these situations. 




 What is included in 

 our membership fee? 

Our membership includes the following:

1. First-hand information regarding legal opportunities and schemes offered by our sponsor firms.

2. Exclusive opportunities for one-to-one feedback from law firms on application processes.

3. Panel events.

4. Workshops.

5. Competitions.
6. Access to our social events.

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