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A new student-mentorship initiative by the UDL, commencing for the first time in 2020-2021!

Statistically, many secondary schools in Bristol and the surrounding South West region have been recorded as disadvantaged, underfunded and under-performing. These elements translate to low rates of university acceptances as well as a negative outlook towards post-secondary education. 


With this disparity in mind, we are launching our 

School Outreach Programme

To enhance disadvantaged school pupils' chances of academic success by pairing them with current University student Mentors!

Goals for Mentorship 

  • To debunk myths and negative conceptions surrounding university education, and provide encouragement/motivation to pursue it. 

  • To provide students with guidance, advice, and tips on the university application process.

  • To offer students support through the application process.

  • To provide general advice on any university-related questions, thereby easing their transition into uni and community life. 

Who can be a Mentor?

  • Any University student.

  • From any subject degree.

  • From any background.

What mentorship entails

  • Periodic calls and emails with your paired mentees, to answer queries and provide guidance. 

  • Review and provide feedback on their university applications. 

What you gain

  • Learn how to appropriately maintain and manage a mentoring relationship.

  • Enhance your own uni experience by guiding others into theirs. 

  • Add it to your CV!

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