The Founding Event - 2018

In 2018, a group of University of Bristol students, headed by Prekshi Gulia, aimed to increase awareness of the barriers students from disadvantaged backgrounds face in their pursuit of a legal career. Thus, a diversity-based Panel Event was organized; inviting successful individuals within the legal profession to speak about their own career journeys, and the trials and hardships they tackled.

This single event gained so much traction, and struck so much inspiration among students, that there was a great push to turn this into a recurring diversity initiative, rather than a
one-off event.

The academic year that followed, saw this initiative having snowballed into Unity & Diversity in Law, the University of Bristol's first student society based entirely on breaking down barriers and advocating for the representation of diverse candidates within Law.

Founder: Prekshi Gulia. 

Prekshi Gulia

Founder of Unity & Diversity in Law in 2018.

An Established Society - 2019/20

The first year of Unity & Diversity in Law as a student society saw many great accomplishments.

From tradition being carried forward with another Diversity Panel Event, to a newfound partnership with law firm Eversheds Sutherland allowing many more exciting events and competitions!


President: Nadina Miltiadou.

Vice-President: Valentina Garcia.

A Year of Growth - 2020/21

The second year of the Unity & Diversity in Law saw great success despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sponsorship increased 9-fold from the previous year and saw our membership jump to 150 members. In the ethos of our foundation we created 'Grassroots' Bristol's first and only legal social mobility programme delivering multiple 'How to ...' events, such as How to Network; Build Commercial Awareness; and Interview. As well as establishing the first relationship between a Bristol law society and a Non-Russell group law society allowing many more underrepresented students to share in the success of our sponsorship.

We also got our new logo which is here to stay!


President: Oscar Smith.

Vice-President: Alishba Saadat.