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Freshers Fair

Welcome to University of Bristol's annual Freshers Fair! We are always proud to introduce our society, especially to those who are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion within the legal profession.  We appeal to many of those who share the same values and we are beyond grateful for them to be a part of our society. 


Application Workshops 

We actively collaborate with our sponsors to bring about these workshops, catering to students who are applying for vacation schemes and training contracts.

'How- To' Events

IMG-20211210-WA0000 (1).jpg

This series focuses on feeding our members with valuable information and equipping them with the necessary skills to achieve their goal of pursuing a legal career. We work with experts in providing guidance to our members on networking, application processes and commercial awareness.

non-commercial week 2.jpeg

Non-Commercial Law Week

We understand that Commercial Law is not for everyone! Find out how we help our members figure out their passion and goals through our Non-Commercial Week!

UDL Socials

We believe that the key to a strong society is built on the foundation of long-lasting friendships. We strive to create stronger relationships and unforgettable memories wherever and whenever we can!

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