Welcome to UDL


As our name suggests, we are a student led initiative created in an effort to increase collaboration between law students and make the legal profession more diverse and inclusive.


Following the successful organisation of our panel discussion, 'Overcoming Education Barriers and Achieving Diversity' in 2018 and after considerable interest expressed by the participants, in 2019 we successfully established the society “Unity and Diversity in Law” at the University of Bristol. 



2) Making the legal profession more diverse and inclusive

Our efforts are centred around our desire to break through the stereotypes of what the 'typical lawyer' looks like.


We represent students from low-income households, ethnic and religious minorities, diverse sexual/gender identities, students with disability or any other visible or non-visible diversity. Our motivation lies in the frustratingly low number of minority groups in the legal profession and the under-representation of these groups in university societies.

We aspire to empower our members and excite them about their future in the legal profession. This is by showing them that there are successful individuals in this industry who have faced the same barriers as they are and have managed to overcome them. We differ from other law societies as we are trying to create a constructive platform between law firms and students. The latter can voice their concerns about their future, receive opportunities and meet people whom they can directly relate to and have achieved great things in their lifetime.

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1) Increasing collaboration between students

Through our events, we strive to highlight the benefits of students collaborating and supporting each other throughout the duration of their degree. We see great value in working cooperatively, rather than competitively.

We are trying to achieve this by organising student-to-student workshops and keeping a great number of our events informal as well as of mostly small sizes. This is to tailor to the needs of the individual participant. As such, we can foster a more casual environment in which individuals would feel safe to join, participate, exchange ideas and experiences so that our members will be able to develop skills and ultimately grow by interacting with each-other. By cultivating a less competitive environment, we are hoping that students who join us will be further encouraged to try new things.


Hear from our Members

In the 'Meet the UDL'  I felt  motivated to ask questions and participate because of the friendliness of the UDL committee and the environment they created.

The panel event really lived up to its name. Hearing from such accomplished diverse solicitors made me feel there is something truly valuable I can bring to the workplace because of my background.

I was really nervous about my first negotiation competition. Yet, the UDL committee were so friendly, I owe them a big thanks for easing me into an extracurricular I now love.