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  Application Workshops  


The firm was represented by Kristi Tucker, a Bristol law graduate and a trainee at the firm. Kristi explained the format of the firm's application form, which consists of a 600 word personal statement. She advised to use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Response) method when writing this. Kristi also recommended the attendance of open days in order to provide an adequate answer when asked 'Why Clifford Chance' during interview. 


The firm's Early Careers Advisor took us through the application cycle. They led a very informative presentation, advising the attendees to: -

  • Explain why you would make a good lawyer, based on examples from work experience

  • Write about varied experiences 

At the interview stage, attendees should also: -

  • Express opinions 

  • Acknowledge both sides of an argument

EV SHEDS 2.png

The workshop explained the nature of the firm, emphasising on its specialisation in real estate and pro-bono elements within the firm. The workshop also  described the unique recruiting strategy that the firm uses - a 'strength-based' test rather than an aptitude test. this means that applicants are assessed based on their answers to questions that require them to 'give an example'. 


Macfarlanes provided our attendees with a platform to raise their concerns towards the application process for the firm's training contracts. Helin Sure, the firm representative provided a sophisticated framework of the the firm and shared valuable advice regarding the application process. 

We collaborated with SEO London on a workshop which focused on commercial awareness. Members were given articles to study prior to the workshop to facilitate discussion during the session. A formal interview format was adopted throughout the workshop. We have received great feedback from hosts and attendees, especially with respect to the intimate nature of the event which ensure participation. We are looking forward to work with SEO London again on similar events in the near future!

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