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  'How To' Events  

Our flagship series of 'How To' events aim to help students in their legal studies and career path by offering opportunities with firms and organizations. We cover various topics, including networking and interviews, to prepare penultimate and final year students for vacation schemes and training contracts. The series has been highly successful, enabling members to gain valuable insights and become strong candidates for the legal industry.


At Taylor Wessing, focus is placed on the four core sectors changing the face of tomorrow: technology, media and communications, life sciences and healthcare, private wealth, and real estate, infrastructure and energy. Their clients range from promising new start-ups to multinational leaders of industry, with a client base that includes 60% of the world’s top 50 brands.

Networking is a useful skill in any industry, particularly in the legal one. This workshop was part of our 'How-To' Grassroots Series in teaching our members how to meaningfully interact with firm representatives. This will help students feel prepared to talk to lawyers and staff of every level law firms.



Our very first event in our 'How to Build Commercial Awareness Series' with top law firm -- Baker McKenzie!


Trainees of the firm talked about their experiences through the assessment centre at Baker McKenzie and shared their tips and tricks which led to their success! In debunking the buzzphrase 'commercial awareness', students were taught how to improve and apply their commercial knowledge in practice. 


logo-seo-london (1)_edited.jpg

SEO London is a charity that delivers educational training and mentoring to support young people from under-represented backgrounds.


Effective research of a law firm is essential for a tailored, high-quality application; this session will give you an insight into what to look for when choosing which law firms to apply to, as well as how to prepare all the information you need for any applications or assessment centres when answering the question 'Why this firm?'. 



Ashurst is a leading firm with the expertise in areas such as financing and tax affairs, growth and restructure plans, products and intellectual property, data security, competition and regulatory issues, and resolving disputes with others. They offer first-rate training, career development and early responsibility. 

Our 'How To Moot' event held in collaboration with Ashurst is designed to help prepare members for our annual Mooting Competition! It covers a presentation on mooting tips and tricks, as well as further details on how the competition rounds.  



This is 'How-To' workshop was held in partnership with one of our sponsor firms, Macfarlanes, to prepare members for our yearly Negotiation Competition! This event includes a presentation on negotiation tips and tricks, as well as further details on how the competition rounds will go. 


EV SHEDS_edited.jpg

This event is held under our Competition series, along with the annual Mooting and Negotiation Competitions. We have worked with Eversheds Sutherland to guide our members on how to succeed in the Debating Competition. Representatives from the firm will present their tips and tricks, as well as further details on how the competition rounds will go. 

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