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Freshers Fair

Welcome (again) to University of Bristol's annual Freshers Fair! We are always proud to introduce our society to those who share the same values in increasing diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. We are extremely grateful to be able to increase the exposure of our society towards new students at the University!


Application Workshops 

We continue to work closely with our sponsors to organize numerous workshops, specifically designed for students who are seeking to spply for vacation schemes and training contracts.

'How- To' Events

IMG-20211210-WA0000 (1).jpg

Our 'How-To' series is dedicated to provide our members with invaluable insights and empowering them with the essential tools to pursue a successful legal career. By collaborating with industry experts, we aim to curate enriching experiences that offers expert guidance on networking, application processes, improving commercial awareness. Our mission is to ensure our members are well-equipped to conquer their aspirations and thrive in the legal world.


Non-Commercial Law Events

We recognise that Commercial Law may not be the perfect fit for everyone, hence we take pride in this series of events, where we assist our members in discovering their true passions and goals outside of Commerical Law.

Practice Area Talks

These sessions held in collaboration with our sponsor firms are meticulously designed to delve into specific legal practice areas, offering students a unique window into the dynamic work undertaken by lawyers in these fields. Our aim is to provide an immersive experience that exposes participants to the intricacies, challenges, and rewards of each practice area.

Office work

Mentorship Programme

This academic year, we are absolutely thankful to be given the opportunity to partner with BarSoc -- a fellow law society at our Univesity to make this scheme a reality. This programme allows students to gain more information on a barristers role alongside the responsibilities as a solicitor. This programme is specifically geared towards first year students, it is also open to students from sny discipline for them to discover the career path they would like to pursue after university.

International Women's Day Donation Appeal

The Nelson Trust is a charity supporting women at risk of imprisonment or that have been in the Criminal Justice System before. They bring belief, hope and long-term recovery to people whose lives have been torn apart by addiction. Their women's centres provide a safe, trauma-informed and female-only environment for women to access support. In partnership with various law clubs at the University alongside the support of The Nelson Trust, donations of essentials such as sanitary products, soap, clothes, toiletries and bedding were collected and delivered to these centres in conjunction with International Women's Day.

Donation Center

UDL Socials

We strongly believe that enduring friendships are the cornerstone of a thriving society. We are dedicated to fostering robust connections and creating moments that cultivate stronger bonds to leave a lasting impact along our collective journey.

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